Commandments for Lash application and care


1. Thou shall prep thine own lashes before you apply your POMILashes. Brush them through for added volume and easier application

2. Thou shall measure POMILashes to fit your lashes perfectly. If thou doth not do this, lashes will feel unworthy of thine eyes

3. Thou shall wait 15 to 30 seconds after applying lash glue, before applying your POMILashes

4. Thou shall place POMILashes firstly on the middle of your own lash line, then safely on the corners of thine eyes. This application has been used by previous generations, and has been handed down to you

5. Thou shall apply POMILashes close to your own lash line. Lashes that are glued on the skin of your eyelids are an abomination

6. Thou shalt not hastily remove POMILashes, rather get an eyelash remover to gently remove your lashes

7. Thou shall remove POMILashes at the end of your event. Sleeping in your POMILashes will distort the shape

8. Thou shall remove lash glue after thou hath taken off thine POMILashes. Hold lashes firmly and remove lash glue from the lash band with tweezer or your fingers

9. Thou shall place POMILashes back in their packing, as it is designed to house your lashes when not in use

10. Thou shall care for thine POMILashes. They can be worn up to 20 times